Friday, September 30, 2011

My Contribution to Jeremy the Hipster God

Jeremy O'Houlihan: Hipster God

For a general cinema class I'm taking, the large student body is split into around 8 groups. Each of these groups is required to give a half hour presentation to the class this semester. These presentations will be given a theme by the instructor. We had to come up with interweaving stories using photos taken by our peers the week before. The locations in these images will tell the story.
My group combined our stories by having all of them orbit around the character Jeremy O'Houlihan--a hipster photographer who chases ghosts, is forever alone, and likes images of empty spaces because they represent his soul.
Two of my fellow freshman animators were in my group, and we decided to make an animated film combining 3 separate stories about Jeremy. We came up with our concepts animated, and edited them in one night, so both Camille and I haven't slept in over 24 hours. But it was worth it, because our video is hilarious, and the animation isn't half bad.
Please enjoy! (For full enjoyment, please watch full-view.)

Week 5: Rhythm and Pattern

When I made this Tuesday I knew my teacher wouldn't like it all that much--she desperately wants me to stop using characters. But after animating dead grass and ant-infested dirt last week, I decided this week I'd animate what I wanted.
By the way, this animation is dedicated to my father, because his birthday occurred upon the day I began this. The content doesn't match him, but he wanted my flipbook dedicated to him, so there it is.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nirvana Poster

A poster I made this week for a 5-minute challenge film led by Will Merrick and Scott Breitbarth, with the help of a bunch of other USC students. I wish I had had more time to make this, as my painting skills were super rusty, but I think it worked out alright. I'll leave a link to where you can watch the movie when it gets posted.

Here some of my process:

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Week 4 Texture: "Watching Experimental Animation is Like . . ."

. . . watching grass grow. Then something predictable happens.
My instructor is experimental, and my character animation annoys her to no end. SO HERE IT IS. AN EXPERIMENTAL ANIMATION BY YOURS TRULY.
Sorry the end is blurry--I filmed both halves separately, and someone had really screwed with the focus on the down shooter.

EDIT: I got an A++++!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Week 3 Tone Exploration: Kafka in Wonderland

My third week animation assignment to work with tone and shade, neglecting lines. The original idea was Alice in Wonderland, but then I went Kafka, because Franz Kafka is THE MAN.

These are the events intended to be seen in this animation: Alice comes closer and we see that she is actually a giant, her apron becomes the backdrop, a mushroom grows under the mystic orchestration of the smoking caterpillar, who is consumed by smoke and darkness, becoming the Kafka-esque caterpillar who as he puffs on his cigarette has his face become transformed into a skull.

I still need to work on walking cycles--the one I created on my own here makes her look like a stomping demon. I think I should plan these books better, making less pages with better art.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

PikaPika! Light Animation Workshop at USC

If you look REALLY closely, you can see me squatting, grinning, and making the "Live Long and Prosper" sign with my left hand. I show up behind the orange guy with the big nose falling backwards--who is actually aspiring summer blockbuster director Will Merrick--who I animated.
It was a great time, and it gave me a new perspective about whether there are any limits when it comes to animation.

Experiments: "And Along Comes Alice"

Some things I tried along the way--some of which failed. This is really for my benefit and reference.