Friday, November 18, 2011

Night Hawk Concept Art

I'm working on a hand-drawn, short animated film with some of the other freshman animators. It's a black-and-white film noir with some cartoon humor, but lots of gore, and the characters are all animals. My characters are the rich widow (the pigeon), the manic bartender (the bunny), and the cat burglar/lackey/kidnapper (the worm). Here are my model sheets:

Figure Drawing with Tom Mahoney & Bonus Museum Sketches

So Tom Mahoney, of Disney Concept Art and CalArts fame, taught some weekend figure drawing classes I attended a month or so ago. Mahoney does not like students to focus on realism when drawing, and encourages us to use markers or ink and contour techniques. In this way he hopes to cause students to discover new ways and styles of interpreting the human form--especially as monsters. All of these poses were around 7 minutes.



Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Week 12: Portrait Reflecting on Personal Time Perception

This is a self-portrait type animation, and is rather on the sloppy side. Mostly I just wanted to relax and see where the style I was experimenting with would take me so as to develop it further.


This animation was based upon the portrait I doodled of myself, as seen below:

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Week 10: A Very Spontaneous Gorilla

So we were supposed to be spontaneous this week--that was the prompt for our flipbook. So we went to a museum and were supposed to find our favorite room and animate something there. As I admitted to my animation professor in class, a walk cycle isn't exactly spontaneous. But I did make the spontaneous decision to teach myself walk cycles this week, and I did decide to make a walk cycle from scratch--based on a youtube video of a gorilla--come hell or high water. There's a lot of mistakes with this cycle--ones I don't feel like pointing out--but considering this is  my first effort with walk cycles, I feel pretty good about what I did this week.

This week's flipbook is dedicated to my dad, because I was listening to a bunch of 1970s protest/political activist songs this week, most of which my dad showed me at some point, and one that stood out was "The Pretender." The lyrics I used in this video are my favorite, and I thought they would be pretty funny/ironic when applied to a gorilla walk cycle.