Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Humbling Experience of Becoming an Award-Winning Director

Will and I won the USC Shoah Student Film Contest with the prize of $1500! It's nice to have all of our hard work pay off. Special thanks once again goes to Radical Face, who would have earned my lifetime fan-worship for their generosity in letting us use their song, "The Strangest Things," if they didn't already have it for their haunting and beautiful music.

Metamorphosis Group Project

Part of a morph assignment for my animation class. We took the drawing a teammate created, and morphed it into our own drawing. Our prompt was crumbly, irritating, finger. My bit was from the finger giving the bird crumbling to right before the hand holding the face, in which the face becomes an egg. If 'the bird' bothers you, my apologies! But rest assured I was flipping myself off for hours and from various angles while using my own hand as a model for this.

Here's my bit again:

Paint on Glass

Regular old poster paint on a piece of glass. I didn't use the medium completely right, but I can definitely understand the potential of paint on glass now, and would be very interested in using it again when I have real time to dedicate to making an animated piece.