Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Star Crossed: Promo Poster

My very dear friend is about to get her second book published! The publishing company, while handling many things, is not handling publicity in her area. Therefore, I volunteered to create a promotional poster for her. I hope this meets with her approval.

Although I originally wanted to include at least 3 characters in the poster--the male love interest, June, and one of her best friends--I decided that the heroine alone was more striking, and eye-catching. (This was not laziness! I had drawn out the characters and everything already when I made this decision!) I also chose a simpler style than I normally employ, opting for the "cut-out" method. I felt this added intensity, sharpness, etcetera--my lined style is much more soft or zany, and wouldn't be quite dramatic enough. Furthermore, I'd been wanting to experiment with cut-outs for quite some time. Details to the poster may change--perhaps I'll come up with a gray watermark for the black part of the background, and I will almost certainly have to change the text and reorganize it once more details concerning the book's publishing comes in. Also, knowing Sarah, she'll want to screw around with the fonts I've chosen. >:C

Nevertheless, this is basically what the poster will look like if the boss approves . . . I hope. Below are a few of my steps in making this. Even my nasty sketch.

EDIT:  It has won the Wendel stamp of approval--even the fonts. Wonders may never cease. ;P Good luck with your book, Sarah!

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