Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New Sketch Blog on Tumblr!

My old Tumblr account became a meaningless wasteland of reblogged Star Trek memes, so I'm starting a new one just for sketches, doodles, and some of the work I'm doing this year.

This is necessary because I'm not updating this site nearly enough this year. This isn't because I'm not making art--I'm the head Storyboard Artist on the USC Holodeck / Wild Skies virtual reality game program, I have a paid job as a cartoonist and animator for the USC Viterbi Communications and Marketing Department, I have been active in weekend Game Jams, and I am taking a variety of animation and drawing classes this semester. Unfortunately most of the work I have been producing has been exercises or repetitive sketches or storyboards that either I feel don't merit posting, or would be a hassle to continuously update.

So I'm starting a casual sketch blog. I'll be uploading some old sketches and work I have been doing this year, but I'll also be uploading at least one BRAND NEW sketch a day. At least I'm going to try.

To the upper right is a sneak peek of what you'll find on the site . . . concept sketches for a Zombie Film Noir game me and some friends are creating for the current 10-day Game Jam!

As always, you can locate my tumblr by clicking the icon on the upper left below my profile picture and gallery list.

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