Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Intro to Animation Final

Our final project assignment for our first semester frosh animation class was to create 3 books that used 2 or 3 of our assigned objects differently, giving them different contexts or meanings. Can you guess what my assigned two reoccurring objects were? Some of my classmates couldn't. (Answer at end of post.)

A walk cycle experiment made difficult because I noticed too late the model I used had scoliosis.

What's happening here, because I know it goes pretty fast: A girl in rags gets a fairy godmother, she gets a dress, the fairy talks to her about the midnight clause, then with a lecherous smile and wink makes a line of princes she can choose from poof into appearance, the girl looks turned on, she inspects the line, she chooses the ugliest one possible and attacks his face with her mouth, which he somehow doesn't want.

My animations seem to flip back and forth bipolarly from Disney-inspired to nightmare scrawl.

(My reoccurring objects are hearts and dresses!)

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