Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Shoah Foundation Film Progress

I'm working on an entry into USC's Shoah Foundation student film competition. The Shoah Foundation was founded by Steven Spielberg after making Schindler's List. During the filming of the movie, Spielberg was approached by many Holocaust survivors who needed to share their stories. He realized that if these stories were not recorded soon, they would be lost forever. The Shoah Foundation is based on the USC campus.

I'm collaborating with my friend Will Merrick on an entry for the annual film competition. I'll be animating, and he'll be editing. Right now all we have is big plans and the beginning art pieces I'll turn into the final animated scenes. The film will be a combination of animated sequences illustrating the stories of the Holocaust survivors, and clips of these survivors telling their stories.

Here is what we have so far:

A demo of an interview segment concerning the transportation of the Jewish people from the ghetto to Auschwitz.

I'm thinking on reusing this assignment from last semester to conclude.

 A segment will be based off this photograph relating to one of the survivor's stories.

Only the eyes will move for this scene, and there will be shown the air coming from the nostrils.

So that's all for now! I'll update more as I get farther along. I'm hoping to use the song "Strangest Things" from Radical Face's album Ghost, which, for the record, is one of the most unique and imaginative albums of all time. Of course I need to write Ben Cooper first, and ask for his permission. It would be unbelievable if he said yes!

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