Sunday, January 29, 2012

GGJ Creation GAIA GRAVITON with The Artists Formerly Known As The Artsy Hipster Gamers

So Jabril and I collaborated with The Artsy Hipster Gamers (a freshman interactive group) on a Global Game Jam Project. The Global Game Jam requires teams or individuals to create a game within 48 hours. This is what we came out with. In the game you play as this elephant-tree-force-of-nature-monster, who tramples the bleak concrete buildings to reveal beautiful green grass. However, as the monster you must avoid trampling the same ground twice. If you do, the grass becomes infertile dust, and you decrease your score. Even while worrying about not retracing your steps, you as the monster must avoid small red soldiers wielding swords. You must also terminate the blue hammer men who will attempt to rebuild the suburban jungle. To destroy both these hammer men and the red warriors, you can place your cursor over them and then click to kill. Green vines will rip from the ground and drag these poor souls through cracks and into the Earth.

The link to download and play our game is here:
Go here to see our game on the official Global Game Jam page, and please rate us favorably!

Had a lot of fun working with these guys! I'm really proud of our product, and can't wait to see what I can animate for them next time!

Also, some screen caps of the game for the bandwidth-challenged. Click for best view:

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